So you want to know all about me, eh?  Well, here’s a few facts:

  1. I go by the name “Nerketur” on many, MANY online sites.
  2. My favorite Pokémon is Pikachu
  3. I love Japanese, and have started studying it on my own.
  4. IRL, I’m a quarter Japanese, and the first song I learned from Japan is the “Ministry of Education” song.  Or “Cha-tsumi”  Found here.
  5. I’m a Computer Scientist, and proud to be one.  Top in my classes.
  6. I love to RolePlay (RP) over IM or certain programs.

Still not enough?  Well, you can find me on youtube, twitter, Kongregate.com, and a few other places too.  That’s about it other than my blogs themselves, which reveal a lot more =P


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